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A Graham Downes Tribute

Remembering SD's notable architect

By Erin Meanley

A Graham Downes Tribute

Graham Downes

Kenneth M. Ruggiano

In order to pay tribute to architect Graham Downes, we went through our archives for a look at a few of the stories he gave us, including a special interview just last fall. He was a talented man with a distinct point of view, and he was never shy about sharing. See for yourself, below.

From “King of the Hill,” October 2012:

“Public buildings have to be über-important. A police station shouldn’t look like an office building. Your city hall, your law courts, your library, these are your bastions of your democratic government, like the senate house or capitol. It’s vital.”

From “A Work in Progressive,” August 2005:

“My architectural style evolves so quickly. I didn’t want our home to be one particular style. Then in 10 years I’d have to move because I was no longer happy living with that mood.”

From “Face Lift: Tom Ham’s Lighthouse,” December 2012:

Susan Baumann, owner of Tom Ham’s Lighthouse: “Graham Downes has an incredible way of mixing a classic early California/Spanish style with modern metal and glass finishes.”

Please take a look at some of his recent work in the slideshow below

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