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Madonna in San Diego

What you missed at her Valley View concert

By Bethany Odell

Last Thursday at Valley View Casino Center, Madonna made the last stop of the first leg of her Rebel Heart Tour. It was a night of trailblazing music and crazy costumes, marching warrior-like dancers, nuns with crosses, a spiral staircase dropped in from the ceiling and the crowd screaming when her dancers flexed their ripped abs after she asked them to show off for the crowd. We were stoked to be there.

Madonna has spent four decades reinventing what it means to be a pop star, brilliantly uniting music, dance, fashion, sex, celebrity, controversy, visual art, and activism. And she hasn’t stopped. She may be 57, but the woman can still move.

She mixed her older songs, “Like a Virgin” and “Deeper and Deeper,” with her new album, kicking off the night with “Iconic” and “Bitch I’m Madonna.” She closed with “Holiday,” overall an unforgettable evening. And what’s a little tequila during a performance, especially when the entire group is dressed in traditional Mexican clothing? During a mash-up of “La Isla Bonita” and “Dress You Up,” two of her biggest hits, Madonna and her dancers did a shot of Jose Cuervo Tradicional. (Yes, we were close enough to read the label!) Madonna performances are legendary. Cheers to an awesome show.

Madonna in San Diego

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