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Vintage San Diego: Mayor Mayhem

Before Filner, there was a resignation from Mayor Roger Hedgecock

By Rachel Lutack

Vintage San Diego: Mayor Mayhem

Mayor Roger Hedgecock

Mayor Roger Hedgecock

Nearly three decades ago, on October 1, 1985, San Diego Mayor Roger Hedgecock left the courthouse after being convicted of conspiracy and perjury relating to unaccounted-for campaign funds, with a resignation to follow soon after. History repeated itself recently when Mayor Bob Filner resigned in the wake of multiple accusations of sexual harassment and a campaign demanding his recall. As with Filner, it was the public that brought down Hedgecock after accusations in the press, specifically by women. Maureen O’Connor, Hedgecock’s opponent in the 1983 election, took him down through Helen Copley’s newspaper, The Union. (O’Connor later found herself in trouble, having gambled $2 million earmarked for charity.) In a recent open letter to Filner, Hedgecock, now a local TV and talk radio commentator, urged him to resign, as he had “lost the bond of trust” with the city voters, also admitting that he himself “lost that trust and resigned.”

Resignations All Around

  • 3

    Mayors who have resigned in recent history (6 total)

  • 271

    Days Filner held in office

  • 951

    Days Hedgecock held office

  • 19+

    Women accusing Filner of harassment

  • 9

    Terms served by Filner as a Congressman

  • 2005

    Year Dick Murphy resigned as mayor due to financial problems relating to the pension crisis

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