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4 Ways for San Diegans to Be Sustainable

We make it easy for San Diegans to be environmentally conscientious because sustainability is in our Wheelhouse.
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Since first opening its doors to San Diegans in 1934, Wheelhouse Credit Union now takes great pride to be San Diego’s #1 Solar FinancerJoin us in our commitment to sustainability – Wheelhouse makes it easy! We’ve complied the following 4 tips and tricks to help you on your journey to being a more conscientious San Diegan.

1. Shop with intention

Every time we make a purchase, we add to our environmental footprint. Your purchases have an impact, from the resources used and pollution produced to the packaging that ends up in our landfills. So make sure to shop with your planet in mind and make intentional purchases when you canConsider shopping secondhand and elect for minimal packaging and shipping when possible.

2. Leave no trace

Leave it better than the way you found it – a simple sentiment that anyone can adopt to help us care for the great outdoors. Although all Seven Principles of Leave No Trace are just as important as the next, an easy step to take in your journey to be more sustainable is to dispose of trash properly. That means holding onto it if there isn’t a trash can nearby on your favorite trail or at your local beach. You can even go the extra mile and pick up trash that someone else left behind. Stop by any Branch Location to grab your own Wheelhouse Leave No Trace litter-collection bag (while supplies last) and use it when you’re out and about to help us leave San Diego cleaner than we found it.

3. Take advantage of solar energy

With 266 days of sunshine year-round, why wouldn’t San Diegans take advantage of solar energy options? We work with over 100 installers to help homeowners across Southern California significantly reduce their electric bill, increase the value of their home and help the environment through solar energy. As of April 2023, 215 million kilowatt hours of clean energy has been generated by the Solar PV Systems we’ve financed, which is equivalent to:

– greenhouse gas emissions from 31,864 passenger vehicles driven for one year or

– CO2 emissions from 162,051,121 pounds of coal burned or

– carbon sequestered by 3,893,382 tree seedlings grown for 10 years.

4. Look into other energy efficient options for your home

Solar Financing isn’t the only tool in our Wheelhouse. Our Energy Efficient Loans make it easy to conserve water and energy at your home, helping you finance insulation, energy-efficient appliances, heating and cooling, water-efficient fixtures and more. Wheelhouse Energy Efficient Loans can help you get started on your next sustainability project, such as:

– energy efficient insulation 

– air duct sealing

– lighting fixtures

– water faucets, fixtures and drip irrigation

– xeriscape & firewise landscaping, and 

– rainwater harvesting equipment.

Our priorities are simple: 

1. strengthen financial selfsufficiency of San Diegans by assisting with their ability to harness solar energy through fair, flexible financing options

2. support organizations in San Diego that are reducing the impact of climate change and improving the environment we live in, and 

3. reduce our personal footprint by utilizing solar energy, recycling office e-waste, installing energy-efficient LED fixtures, and committing to less paper consumption when conducting transactions. 

We are San Diego Made™ and proud to do our part to help our beautiful city and planet thrive. Sustainability is rooted in our core values, and we know that together we can significantly reduce our carbon footprint, lessen greenhouse gas emissions, and decrease our dependence on fossil fuels to support San Diego’s journey to 100% renewable energy.

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