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A Joint Effort

New study opens doors for active older orthopedic patients
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At age 90, where do you hope you’ll be? On a cruise? Playing with your great-grandchildren? Battling it out on the pickleball court? All of these options and more may still be a possibility for seniors with aching joints, thanks to a new study co-authored by a Scripps Clinic orthopedic surgeon that analyzed the feasibility and success rates of hip and knee replacements for nonagenarians. Researchers found that age alone should not be a defining factor in a patient’s eligibility for a joint replacement—giving hope to people who may have been previously considered “too old” for orthopedic surgery. Read more about the groundbreaking study here.

Specialized care for seniors is more important than ever. Older adults visit emergency departments (EDs) at higher rates than non-seniors—and have age-specific challenges and needs—from fall protection and mobility assistance to social services and care coordination to reduce risk of readmission. Scripps Health has proudly earned Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation for all four of its EDs. Read more about what the designation means and why it sets Scripps apart here.

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