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Embrace the Moment this Summer in Sedona, Arizona

Insider tips for appreciating the little things that make your Sedona vacation unforgettable.

Sedona is surrounded by epic landscapes. Its towering rock formations seem both new and familiar at the same time. They call you to explore the trails and canyons, to find adventure and ask big questions; and they whisper to you that here is the perfect place to relax deeply, to focus on the little things that truly matter.

The little things are the big things

We all love excitement and thrills but those moments can be hard to plan, they just happen. But the so-called little things are happening all the time. A delicate desert flower, holding the promise of new life. A ripple of water on Oak Creek, catching the light just so. A friendly smile, a kind word. These things can make your Sedona vacation memorable… if you take the time to notice them and know where to look.

Three ways you can embrace the moment

1. Park your car… once

    Did you know Sedona has its own shuttle service? The free Trailhead shuttle takes you to popular trailheads like Devil’s Bridge, Cathedral Rock, and Soldiers Pass. It’s free! And a new on-demand shuttle service (like UberTM), planned to launch this summer, can get you almost anywhere in the city for a few bucks. That means you can leave your car at your hotel, forget about driving and parking, and focus on enjoying more of your Sedona moments. Download the free app in the App Store or Google Play.

    2. Find the trail less traveled

    Some trails in Sedona are extremely popular, but here’s a truth you can embrace: all the trails are beautiful. Ask your concierge, your host, or a local resident to recommend a few of Sedona’s gorgeous but less-popular trails. Then look closely for the kind of moments mentioned above. There is a world of life and beauty to discover right beneath your feet – literally – wherever you go in Sedona. And while you’re out there, be sure to follow these simple Leave No Trace principles.

    3. Love it like a local

    Ask any local: living in Sedona comes with feeling responsible for protecting it. It’s an attitude of respect for the landscape and for each other. Watch this 1-minute Sedona video for a few suggestions on how you can love Sedona like a local when you’re here.

    Slow-dona! How about a sleep-cation?

    Ready to plan your trip? Start with this curated summer itinerary.

    Want more info? Here’s another truth about Sedona you can embrace: it’s slow. Its small-town pace is part of its small-town charm. You don’t have to do anything special to slow down in Sedona, just allow yourself to follow the rhythm that is already here.

    • Sedona is quiet, which makes it a great place to get a good night’s sleep. Check out the wide variety of Sedona lodging available during your stay. Sweet dreams!
    • Sedona is yummy. There are many Sedona dining options to choose from, for all types of cuisine. Italian to Thai, table service to food trucks. Bon appetite!
    • Sedona is fun. It’s transformative, it’s adventurous, it’s meditative. Envision a great vacation while browsing these Sedona attractions. The experience you’re looking for is here!
    • Sedona is ideal for a bit of retail therapy. Or a LOT of retail therapy! Whether it’s shop-‘til-you-drop or just a memento of your trip, Sedona shopping has something for everyone.

    When you want a big vacation, you make big plans. There are plenty of big moments in Sedona, but it’s the small actions, the attention to detail, that makes all the difference. Come to Sedona and embrace the moment!Plan your vacation at

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