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Harmony in Her Hands

Osteoarthritis threatened a professional violinist’s career, but Scripps kept her playing

With a violin and a bow in her hands, Lisa Sutton can create magic. The 65-year-old Vancouver-born and Ivy League–educated violinist spent decades honing her craft and now exercises it both for live audiences, as assistant concertmaster and member of the Los Angeles Opera’s orchestra, and for movie and television soundtrack recordings. Sutton had a long and illustrious run in the LA music scene, but aching joints in her hands began affecting her performances when she was in her late 50s. She was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, which for her is marked by the degeneration of cartilage in the joints at the middle and tips of some of her fingers. She tried anti-inflammatories and platelet-rich plasma injections, but the effects were temporary. She started searching for a surgical solution and found Scripps. Read about Lisa, the highly specialized joint replacement that allowed her to keep playing, and the talented surgeon who performed the procedure here.

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