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Let them burn off a little jet fuel.

The USS Midway is an epic museum visit. Acres of buttons and knobs and dials–just what every kid at heart has ever wished for.
USS Midway

USS Midway

It’s an epic museum visit. Where else can you find acres and acres of buttons and knobs and dials—and then even more buttons. Just what every kid at heart has ever wished for.

It’s history in the most exciting way imaginable!

The USS Midway was the biggest ship in the world in its time. It spent nearly a half century as the “tip of the spear” for the U.S. Navy around the world. From the end of World War II, through the Vietnam War, and culminating as the Navy’s flagship during the Operation Desert Storm, the USS Midway has long been America’s living symbol of freedom.

Back to the “knobs and dials” stuff: the USS Midway has been transformed into a floating ambassador of naval history – a museum filled with exciting personal stories.

Have you met a Midway docent? You need to. These are the hero-volunteers who have experienced firsthand what’s taught in history books. And they’re standing right there on ship’s deck.  Many of them served on the USS Midway and their stories take museum guests to the places where history was made.

See firsthand where it all happened: the Ready Rooms. The Captain’s Chair on the Bridge. The Ouija Board (spooky!). Not to mention the 4-acre deck packed with aircraft from decades past.

We won’t even go into the bowels of the Midway. Ok, maybe we will: below decks, you’ll find a whole floating city: post office, mini hospital, restaurants, bank. Even a jail for the occasional “bad” guys.

A whole world of history awaits, and it’s literally downtown along San Diego Bay. With 30 restored aircraft, over 60 exhibits plus flight simulators, the USS Midway Museum San Diego’s #1 thing to do.  Who can argue with 70,000 tons of fun. Get tickets here.

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