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From Sunrise to Sunset: Soak Up Every Yuma Moment

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Yuma Sunset.png

Yuma Sunset.png

There’s something incredibly special about summer in Yuma. And it’s more than just the sunshine–308 days of rays annually, to be exact.

Whether you’re looking for a Zen moment on the Colorado River at sunrise, an adrenaline rush on a jet ski in the afternoon or gaining a new perspective under a starry sky, Yuma offers every opportunity for the summer getaway you’ve been waiting for.

How will you soak up every minute in Yuma?

Stay Cool and Make a Splash

Just a handful of Arizona towns can boast a location on one of the mightiest rivers in the U.S. The Colorado River provides year-round recreation from wild to mild.

On the river’s edge, make the most of your proximity to the Río Colorado. There’s no shortage of kayaking, tubing and tours in Yuma–because what summer is complete without a lazy river float? You bring the cooler; we’ll supply the good vibes.

Yuma’s waterways have several beach areas to build sandcastles, launch watercraft or pitch an umbrella. Gateway Park, Senator’s Wash, Playa Linda Beach and West Wetlands Park are all popular spots for beach lovers.

The Colorado River is an oasis in the heat, with water temperatures peaking in the mid 80s. In comparison, the Pacific Ocean in San Diego is about 68 degrees.

Gateway Park Paddleboarder.jpg

Gateway Park Paddleboarder.jpg

Seek Out the Dunes

Yuma serves as the gateway to one of the nation’s largest mass of inland sand dunes, which extend more than 40 miles along the eastern edge of California’s Imperial Valley. Now a National Recreational Area, this natural sand box acts as a magnet for off-road enthusiasts and welcomes more than one million visitors every year. Just 20 miles west of Yuma, the Imperial Sand Dunes have served as a backdrop in popular films, including Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Bravo TV called it one of the “22 Essential Places to Take a Selfie.”

In the summer heat, only Yuma’s most daring can stand the dunes from an ATV–are you one of them? Memory-making and stories of adventure are all but guaranteed.

Imperial Sand Dunes.jpg

Imperial Sand Dunes.jpg

Beat the Heat Indoors

Pay a visit to the Yuma Theater and Art Center for galleries, concerts and exhibits in a restored Vaudeville venue. Cool artwork and cold air provide a welcome respite. Uncover a brainteaser or two at Escape Room Yuma where you’ll find clues, solve mysteries and escape from captivity.

Savor Scroll-Stopping Sunrises and Sunsets

For generations, the colors of Yuma’s sky have inspired artists, photographers, writers and everyone in between. There’s no better way to kick off a day in Arizona than by getting up early to watch the sun rise over rocky formations, sandstone and desert cacti. Yuma’s restored wetlands of cottonwood, willow and mesquite trees are a great spot for both sunrise and sunset. In the morning, the sun crests the Gila Mountains. Come back in the evening to watch the sun set over the Yuma Territorial Prison State Park and Ocean-to-Ocean Bridge over the Colorado River.

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