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Private School Guide 2022

Education is the gift that keeps on giving, and private schools offer a wealth of opportunities to learn
private schools

private schools

School is back in session. Moving forward from the upheaval and uncertainty of the past two academic years, a renewed focus on education is crucial. Making the switch to private school could be a great option. Private schools offer smaller class sizes, meaning more individualized attention for both children who may be struggling and those who have come out of the pandemic ahead of the curve. Plus, a wide-reaching network of resources and independence from district oversight allows private schools more freedom to pivot depending on what is best for students. Education is the gift that keeps on giving, and private schools offer a wealth of opportunities to learn. Fortunately, San Diego has more than 100 to choose from.

Why private school?

Tens of thousands of San Diego families choose to send their children to private school. The advantages are many, with more individualized attention being at the top of the list. Studies have linked reduced class sizes to increased student achievement, and private schools have the ability to accommodate students’ needs in a way that’s at times not possible on larger campuses. The average class size in San Diego County public schools is about 26 but can soar as high as 31 in some classrooms. In private schools, that number hovers around 17. Private schools are also free to modify and customize their lesson plans, unlike public school curricula, which are largely determined by the state. Education is vital no matter where it’s taught, but private schools offer a unique learning experience. They are perfectly positioned to quickly adapt to new ideas in education to ensure that your children don’t just survive, but thrive.

Private School Myths Debunked

Many people have preconceived notions of what private schools are all about—and couldn’t be more wrong. Here, we set the record straight.

MYTH: You have to be wealthy to send your child to private school.

Fact: It’s true that private school is an investment, but there are ways that families can offset some of the costs. Many schools offer generous financial aid packages, grants, and scholarships to students from lower-income families. Private School Review states that about a third of students receive financial aid.

MYTH: All private schools are affiliated with a religion.

Fact: In San Diego, the share of private schools that are affiliated with a religion and those that are secular is 49% to 51%, meaning there are plenty of nonreligious education options to pick from.

MYTH: Private schools lack diversity.

Fact: According to Private School Review, California private schools average 48% minority students.

private school guide

private school guide

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