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Welp, they did it. The brewers at Stone Brewing have spent a couple decades trying to create the ultimate food-pairing beer, and Stone Delicious IPA is it.

Stone uses sweet specialty malts and citrusy hops to enhance spicy foods and flavorful dishes. Like a squeeze of lemon in pho or a lime wedge with a taco–it’s a pairing that just feels right.

To celebrate the launch of Stone’s newest IPA, we’re taking Delicious on the road to shine a light on some of the dishes and people we love.

This month, we’re exploring an elevated take on a classic: pizza and beer. Delicious IPA plays especially well with the primavera pizza at Amalfi Cucina Italiana in San Marcos.

Crafted by Marcello Avitabile, a six-time World Pizza Champion and Amalfi’s chef, the primavera features flour imported from Naples, San Marzano tomato sauce, marinated zucchini and eggplant, decadent buffalo mozzarella, EVOO, and fresh basil. It’s expertly assembled, then baked, blistered, melted, and burbled in Avitabile’s angry-hot Stefano Ferrara oven (that’s one famous oven). This is a total veggie dreamboat.

Our video series with Stone kicked off by pairing Stone’s own Birria Flatbread with Delicious (check it out here). Up next: a chilled IPA alongside out-of-this-world sizzling beef at The Holding Company. Stay tuned for more.

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