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Picture Perfect: Downtown at Sunset

Photo by John Bahu

By Jordan Ligons

Date of Photo:

November 10, 2015,

4:40 p.m.


Gaslamp Quarter


Sony a7R II; f/18 at 12 seconds, ISO 64; and a 16-35mm f/4 lens

University Heights-based photographer John Bahu has shot urban scenes that can be found on postcards and in calendars throughout San Diego—even aerial shots snapped aboard a helicopter. For this particular photo, Bahu stood on a downtown rooftop. “I wanted to capture a shot that showed off the vibrancy and liveliness of downtown, and I knew the Gaslamp would be the perfect location, since it combines old buildings with modern high-rises,” he says. “I anticipated a spectacular sunset with the clouds that were forming and the clear conditions from the rain on the previous day.”

To compensate for the stop-and-go traffic along Fifth Avenue, Bahu wove together multiple frames, creating the streaking car lights that give life to the city.

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Picture Perfect: Downtown at Sunset

Photo by John Bahu

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