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Job of the Month

Kelly Harrington Lotus Institute, Executive Director, since 2013

By Rebecca Smith

Job Description: Reading faces, a practice based on Chinese medicine, which relates to everything from job interviews to jury selections.

Performance Review: I know if a person is going too fast, not eating right, sleeping too little, by looking at their face. You also see traits like integrity, generosity, and optimism

Best Moment at Work: Finding what’s right about a person.

Worst Moment at Work: Seeing people in pain, dealing with a tragedy or unfulfilled dream.

How I Landed Here: I started working as an esthetician for salons and spas in 1993, and this path was not traditional, but very natural.

Former Job: Corporate finance on the East Coast as a trust officer at Bankers Trust and vice president of FleetBoston Financial.

Job of the Month

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