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That’s What SHE Said: Downtown’s Got Nothing on La Jolla Playhouse

The rumors, events, people, and stories keeping the Mesa interesting
Cast members in La Jolla Playhouse's world-premiere musical UP HERE | Photo by Matthew Murphy.

By Amanda Caniglia

Rumor Has It…

That mysterious group called Cavendish is back on the Mesa. Who remembers rumors a few months ago about a private dinner and movie screening at the Lodge? How about the awesome Technicolor beams that illuminated the full-blown Gala at the Venter Institute? Clandestine meetings with major philanthropists like Malin Burnham and Denny Sanford, lunches with top scientist Rusty Gage and dinner at the café with heads of leading institutes have been going down over the past two weeks. Looks like Cavendish has coined the Sanford Consortium as the world’s authority on Regenerative Medicine. Commented Mr. Benedict of the Cavendish group… we love it here and you’ll be seeing a lot more of us. Possible funding from these big fish? Our friends on the Mesa are hoping to get a big giant swish, as they wish a big wish from the Cavendish-dish.

Upcoming Events (I’ll be at the fun table…)

Just Mesa’n Around…

Two thumbs way way Up Here for La Jolla Playhouse’s latest musical triumph. Coming from a musical theater background, I am always astounded at the level of pure professionalism and quality work the Playhouse puts out. Downtown ain’t got nothing on LJP. The show is absolutely hilarious and asks us to turn inward and examine our own emotions and consciousness.

Had a chance to chat up Irwin and Joan Jacobs during intermission. For the record, they are the most gracious and down to earth couple—always sharing smiles and big hugs. While speaking about the male lead in the first act, Irwin leans over and asks, “Did you identify with any of the ‘demons’ in the show?” Moi? Irwin, you have no idea how many personalities I’ve got Up Here! To fit all the characters dancing around in this brain we’d have to book the Coliseum… the one in Rome 😉

Opening night pre-party—classy. After party—EPIC! All hail the Playhouse!

That’s What SHE Said: Downtown’s Got Nothing on La Jolla Playhouse

Cast members in La Jolla Playhouse’s world-premiere musical UP HERE | Photo by Matthew Murphy.

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