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Book Reviews for April 2014

Your shelf life

By Angela Carone

Book Reviews for April 2014

Living with a Wild God cover

Living with a Wild God

By Barbara Ehrenreich

Celebrated activist and “veteran muckraker” Ehrenreich wrestles with questions of spirituality, religion, and science. A staunch atheist, Ehrenreich looks back at her adolescent journals and spiritual quests to figure out why they led her to a study of science.


Book Reviews for April 2014

Falling Out of Time cover

Falling Out of Time

By David Grossman

An inventive fable of parental grief from a notable Israeli author. In a small village, a man, known as Walking Man, tells his wife he will walk to find their dead son. As he paces in concentric circles, village members join him in walking stints in which they explore grief and death.


Book Reviews for April 2014

Family Life cover

Family Life

By Akhil Sharma

Family Life is a funny, dark, heartbreaking story of an immigrant family’s experience in America. Follow the Mishra family from Delhi to the U.S., where tragedy strikes. An unsentimental, powerful portrait of immigrant life from an author who has been compared to Dostoyevsky.


Book Reviews for April 2014

In Praise of Hatred cover

In Praise of Hatred

By Khaled Khalifa

In 1980s Syria, a sheltered young Muslim girl wakes to the violence in her country. As the ruling dictator wages a bloody campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood, she becomes increas- ingly radical. The novel is groundbreaking for its perspective on female fanaticism.


Book Reviews for April 2014

Can’t and Won’t cover

Can’t and Won’t

By Lydia Davis

Davis draws her inspiration from daily life. The results are witty observations in the form of poems, vignettes, thoughts, and stories from last year’s winner of the prestigious Man Booker Prize. L.A. Times book critic David L. Ulin called her stories “the very definition of sharp.

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