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Sheltering at Home with… David Israel Reynoso, Artist

The La Jolla Playhouse artist-in-residence and creator of upcoming digital Without Walls show “Portaleza” tells us how to make a “quick quiche” and stay away from sweatpants


David Israel Reynoso


I think it’s technically “Temecula Heights,” but essentially, I’m on the outskirts as you enter OB.


Scenic, costume, exhibit, and immersive designer; founder of Optika Moderna; artist-in-residence at La Jolla Playhouse; currently working on Portaleza for La Jolla Playhouse’s digital Without Walls series.

Who you’re sheltering with:

My kids and my family.

Go-to meal:

I like to make what I lovingly refer to as “quick quiches.” I believe they’re somewhere between a quiche and a frittata, but closer to a quiche as it has a crust. I make mine out of egg-soaked tortillas that I pan fry. I fill them with eggs, whole milk, sautéed vegetables like mushrooms or tomato, and any worthy leftovers that seem like interesting candidates. Sometimes I finish them off in the oven or brave flipping them in the pan.

What you’re doing for exercise:

I discovered I can do pull-ups and chin-ups and really enjoy them! Who knew?! I do go on walks, and had been following a routine of going at 11 and 3 each day—I need to get on that again. I do some living room resistance training and have been known to break out into dance if the song is right.

New show you’ve discovered:

I feel like I should offer up some amazing documentary that makes me seem like some super-highbrow intellectual. But I confess, I got hooked on RuPaul’s Drag Race! Which is… just so incredible. I had heard for years about how amazing the queens are, and yes, I feel super late to the party. For a different flavor, I’ve enjoyed watching nearly every animated film in the Disney canon with my two kids. It’s been surprising that even after nearly a dozen replays, I am still finding new layers within some of those films!

Rituals to stay sane:

I try to find benchmarks within the day that help maintain a routine, especially when juggling work and homeschooling. It seemed a little nuts at first, but I map out a full day’s schedule, hour by hour, and whoa, has it made all the difference for my sanity! It’s an odd thing to be an artist who needs space to create and enter a flow state without interruptions, all while balancing Zoom work meetings and ever-changing deadlines. Yet I am so grateful.

What you’ve come to appreciate:

I’ve come to appreciate my loved ones like never before. I never realized how much I took the time I spent with them for granted, and hope to never do so again.

Daily uniform:

I’ve always liked getting dressed for the day. I never veer away from feeling “presentable,” as I define that for myself. I do find something about maintaining a sense of personal respect and self-care comes with just being intentional about whatever I put on, be it a swimsuit or a three-piece suit.

What you can’t wait to do when everything reopens:

Hug, kiss… go out to eat… see a show… travel… and dance with a spicy margarita in hand.

Sheltering at Home / David Israel Reynoso

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