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FIRST LOOK: S&M Sausage & Meat

Behold the new fleshy concept from the Slater's 50/50 camp

By Troy Johnson

From the Slater’s 50/50 people who stole all the bacon in San Diego and made a burger patty out of it because they can read your dreams… comes S&M Sausage & Meat, a new concept for carnivores in University Heights (4130 Park Boulevard, formerly home to Babbo’s Bar & Grille). Diners will be ball-gagged upon entry.

S&M will join the likes of Crazee Burger and Lion’s Share, focusing on the peculiar flavors of exotic meats with dishes like venison lasagna, antelope andouille, kangaroo sausage, pulled rabbit poutine, pig ears, python and beaver tacos. They’ll also serve sausage, bacon and charcuterie. So, yes, there is now a San Diego sausage joint called S&M serving beaver tacos. I actually un-went through puberty writing that sentence.

Basically, S&M is a salad joint’s antichrist—and founder Scott Slater is having a terribly good time with the foodsex puns. Good for him. We’ve reached the age that we can joke about sex, right? And how eating is what we do when sex is not currently available, right? Bible study starts at 7PM in the bar.

For the culinary hesitant, S&M will also have options like the BBB salad (blueberry, bacon and Brussels sprouts) and the S&MPBJ sandwich (cashew butter, jalapeno jam, plantain, brown sugar bacon). And it will host the Swine Bar, full of craft cocktails based on the four S’s: salty, savory, smoky and spicy. The “Lunch in Holland” will have caraway seed-infused Bals Genever, dill, brown sugar and a pickle spear. The “Up in Smoke” will be Xicaru mezcal, agave syrup, lime, Aztec chocolate bitters and Mexican chocolate.

S&M opens an hour ago. Please enjoy these S&M photos. It just goes on and on and on…

FIRST LOOK: S&M Sausage & Meat

Photo by John Dole

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