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Trend: Having a Meatball

In true second-tier fashion, just about two years after the front-runners of the food world were really into meatballs (remember the $20 meatball in Vegas?), San Diego seems to be catching on to the trend, if in a more downscale form. We skipped the fancy meatballs that were a thing in New York and Las Vegas in favor of the older-school, more comforting and carbo-loaded meatball sub. It seems to be proliferating around San Diego eateries. We noticed Strozzi So-Cal Italian in Barrio Logan, Rustic Tapas & Meatballs in the East Village, and also one super-tasty meatball sub gets star treatment on the new Halcyon menu just down the street (it’s on a toasted ciabiatta hoagie roll). When it’s a trend this tasty, who cares if we’re late to the party?

Trend: Having a Meatball

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