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Under the Tuscan Suds

Cucina Urbana rolls out Italian beer program.

By Nate Martins

Italians don’t do beer. Maybe due to the Drift of Obnoxiousness that falls from Germany every October, they’re the driest in Europe in terms of per-capita beer consumption. They are the buckle in the wine belt, so it’s understandable. But that’s changing, as this craft beer thing has hit The Boot, too. Cucina Urbana picked up on it and imported some of Italy’s finest birra. Beverage director Samantha Gabryelski made multiple pilgrimages in search of the perfect suds. She hopes to grow the Italian beer selection to 12, spanning all three Cucinas—Urbana, Enoteca Irvine and Enoteca Del Mar, which is currently under construction at Flower HIll Promenade. Six Italian beers are currently available in bottle, in 330ml and 750m.

Birrificio le Baladin Nora: “Egyptian-inspired brew” from Piedmont, is spiced with ginger, kumquat, orange peel and myrrh.

Birrificio Bruton Stoner: A Tuscan, Belgian-style blonde with malt barley and candied sugar.

Birrificio le Baladin Super: A Belgian triple flavored with apricot, banana, almond and citrus made in Piedmont.

Birra Amiata Contessa: A Tuscan IPA, balanced with chestnut and orange marmalade.

Birrificio Bruton di Bruton: Aanother Tuscan, Belgian blonde with orange, lemon grass and honey.

Bruton 10: A Tuscan barley wine, sweetened with cocoa, brown sugar, raisin and notes of sherry.

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