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San Diego is a passionate food city. Just look at Little Italy’s booming culinary scene, or the growing number of food festivals, or the many anxiously awaited restaurant openings—not to mention the excited debates that rage when we publish our annual Best Restaurants issue.

We’re a hungry and thirsty bunch, so we’re making over our Dining Listings to highlight reader-submitted Instagram photos that feature the best things you’re eating and drinking. How does it work? Instagram your next meal out, and it may appear in an upcoming issue of San Diego Magazine! Tell us what restaurant or bar you’re in, what you’re eating or drinking, and why it hits the spot. Post early and often, and always use the hashtag #mySDMdish.

Happy eating!

By using the hashtag #mySDMdish, you agree to allow San Diego Magazine to publish your Instagram profile image, photo, and words. We reserve the right to edit and excerpt captions for clarity.

Want to be featured in San Diego Magazine?

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