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Your Shelf Life

5 books to read this month

By Angela Carone

Your Shelf Life

Thank you for Your Service cover

Thank You for Your Service

by David Finkel

The acclaimed journalist follows Iraq soldiers home as they try to reintegrate into their families and American life. He includes eye-opening stories of women and kids and excerpts from soldiers’ diaries, emails, and texts.


Your Shelf Life

How to Be a Good Wife cover

How to Be a Good Wife

by Emma Chapman

A chilling debut novel about deception and control within a marriage. Marta and Hector have been married for years. But a young blonde woman whom only Marta can see is trying to tell her something. Has Marta gone mad or is she the victim of a conspiracy?


Your Shelf Life

Sex is Forbidden cover

Sex is Forbidden

by Tim Parks

A woman with a sexually adventurous past books a stay at a Buddhist retreat where the sexes are segregated. She stumbles on a diary in the men’s dorm and becomes drawn to its author, while striving to achieve inner peace.


Your Shelf Life

The Rosie Project cover

The Rosie Project

by Graeme Simsion

Don Tillman is a genetics professor who launches a scientifically-based, logical approach to finding love. In this hilarious and clever book, be prepared to root for the socially inept Tillman as he stumbles along on his admirable quest.


Your Shelf Life

Art Made From Books cover

Art Made From Books

Edited by Laura Heyenga

This is the perfect addition to any book lover’s coffee table. It contains 200 photos showcasing books that have been sculpted, carved, painted, stitched, and transformed into works of art.

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