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Get a Close-Up View of Baja at theNAT

The San Diego Natural History Museum presents 42 images of Mexico's wild landscapes in Baja's Wild Side
Photo by Dan Cartamil

The San Diego Natural History Museum gets a zoomed-in look at Mexico’s landscapes and wildlife in Baja’s Wild Side, a photography exhibit debuting May 15 that spans 42 images taken by Scripps marine biologist Dan Cartamil. The avid conservationist took his lens to Baja’s northern Pacific Coast, where he captured our neighboring peninsula’s rugged terrain, including inland deserts, mountain ranges, and prehistoric rock art.

As he describes in his upcoming book of the same name, Cartamil was “clinging to the side of a cliff with one hand and swatting bees away with the other, pausing only long enough to photograph these petroglyphs.” He’ll be sharing more stories from the trenches in a May 16 talk at the museum.

Through August 18

Get a Close-Up View of Baja at theNAT

Photo by Dan Cartamil

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