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8 Items Textured Waves Cofounder Danielle Black Lyons Has to Have

From surf essentials to skin care, these are her favorite things
Sarah Demarco
Danielle Black Lyons

Danielle Black Lyons

Sarah Demarco

AGE: 39


JOB: Cofounder, Textured Waves

For Danielle Black Lyons, nothing’s more grounding than the water. It’s where she spends most of her time—on a surfboard, that is. “I have a slight obsession with wetsuits and swimwear,” she confesses. “I invest more in my surf wardrobe than the one on land.”

But when she does go ashore, she advocates for more women like her to embrace the aquatic lifestyle through Textured Waves, a surf collective she cofounded in 2019.

“We found a shared frustration in the lack of documentation of Black and brown female surfers. So we created a digital community through our Instagram page, documenting surf stories through imagery, music, and storytelling.”

These are a few of her favorite things.


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