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The Art of Holistic Design

Interior designer Rachel Larraine channels the spiritual into the material with home must-haves that speak to the spirit, mind, and body
coffee table

Cozy living room designed by Larraine; the one-of-a-kind vintage coconut coffee table is from Klassik in Little Italy, contact for pricing.

After an impromptu pull of a Lucifer card from a nontraditional tarot deck, holistic interior designer Rachel Larraine says, “Every time I get that card I’m always like, ‘What am I going to get tempted to do?’”It’s a fitting question for someone whose life’s work is concerned with harnessing human desire. Larraine, who describes her style as “eclectic with a touch of seduction,” found her way to a conventional design career through unconventional practices. After all, it’s not like there’s a blueprint for building what she calls a “holistic” interior design business.Following the cancellation of a large-scale resort project she had been co-designing, she muses, “I had an opportunity to jump out on my own, so I did it.” 


Holistic interior designer Rachel Larraine

Credit: Studio Luniste

Doing things her way meant getting certified in Feng Shui and becoming a Reiki master. “I was sort of torn between these worlds of spirituality and interior design,” she says. Suddenly, the obvious became apparent: she’d do both.Spirituality has always been part of Larraine’s milieu. “I remember buying my first amethyst when I was 10 at the Oktoberfest in La Mesa,” she reminisces, adding that her spirituality started “coming even more alive” after her oldest son’s birth in 2010. Providing more than just aesthetics, Larraine offers a curated array of design services, which includes kitchen remodels and energy healing sessions—she’ll even lay a crystal grid in the foundation of your home.All of these practices blur the lines between the material, emotional, and metaphysical. Describing her design ethos, she says, “For me, it’s about creating a space with someone’s spirit and mind and body—all encompassing.” 

seven caves

This spiked tea collab from SD makers Geoff Longnecker, of Seven Cave Spirits, and Paru Tea owner, Amy Truong, blends jasmine with white rum to create a soothing, local libation, $30.


Industrial gear juxtapose with organic elements, like colored blown glass, in this fun fixture, $9,500.


Abstract design and textural techniques coalesce in this Norwegian ex-pat’s “intuitive painting,” $8,600.


Self-care in 37 cards, a deck created to realign our psyche with all things somatic, coming soon to Kickstarter.


Using felled trees, locals Jess and Dan use their mix of holistic training and a UCLA art degree to shape unique pieces from our regional wood, Contact for pricing.

oversized seat

Postmodern plush and midcentury structure align in this oversized Sandra Jordan Alpaca seater, from $12,477.

handblown glass

This eco-friendly lip oil is encased in hand-blown glass from global artisans, $98.

By Danielle Allaire

Danielle is a freelance culture journalist focusing on music, food, wine, hospitality, and arts, and founder-playwright of Yeah No Yeah Theatre company, based in San Diego. Her work has been featured in FLAUNT, Filter Magazine, and San Diego Magazine. Born and raised in Maui, she still loves a good Mai Tai.

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