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Trey Foshee Opening Taco Joint?

Birdies say George's at the Cove chef is spinning off a taqueria

If we were betting people, we might bet one of the city’s best chefs—Trey Foshee of George’s at the Cove—will open up a spinoff taco joint some day soon. No official word from the camp. It just feels right. It would make sense, because Foshee is pretty famous for his inverted fish taco. If we had to wager on the location, we’d predict somewhere in the village of La Jolla. Probably not on Prospect, because you’d have to charge $40 for each taco to justify the rent. If true, that would officially coronate the Better Tacos Era™ that includes Puesto and Haggos Organic Taco and Don Chido. A four-star chef doing street food? Bet it won’t make you sad.

Personally, we’d like to see a pulporia. Just leg after leg of Foshee’s octopus in a little smoked paprika, served on a paper plate with some taters and a tamarind Jarnitos.

We’ll confirm if and when official word is released.

Trey Foshee Opening Taco Joint?

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