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Picture-Perfect Fall Foliage

Mt. Palomar Observatory

Location: Walking path leading to the observatory, located on Canfield Road, looking southeast.

Camera: NIKON D300, shot at 32mm with a 17-35mm Nikkor lens


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Mission Valley photographer Brett Shoaf was drawn to the the serenity of this scene, and framed it just to his liking. The composition benefits “with the offset placement of pathway and observatory,” Shoaf says. “In so many Palomar photos, the structure is positioned right smack in the middle of the shot, which to me is a bit lifeless.” Shoaf selected a spot on the path where the tree branches encircled the tower. “I stood on a step ladder to add depth to the scene by positioning the one small cluster of leaves over a portion of the building.” Serene indeed.

Picture-Perfect Fall Foliage

Mt. Palomar Observatory

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