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15 of the Best San Diego Food & Drinks to Try This March

SDM staff shouts out our favorite food finds this month
Table full of food from San Diego Korean Restaurant Bok Bok Doc in Point Loma
Courtesy of Bok Bok Doc

When new SDM interns arrive for their first day, one of the most essential stops on the office tour is the snack closet. “Eat well and eat often” is sort of an unofficial motto around here—along with, “If you eat something good, tell everyone.” From sushi and seafood to the best cookie in UTC, here are 15 of our favorite discoveries this month, so you can eat well, too.

Aguachile Roll from Mexican restaurant El Sueño in Old Town, San Diego

Aguachile Roll

El Sueño

Old Town’s newest upscale Mexican joint has an “aguachile roll” on its crudo list: Krab, ahi tuna, mango, shrimp, lime, cilantro, cucumber, avocado, onion, and a creamy cilantro sauce make up this extremely poppable roll. At first, it almost came off too sweet, and then I found myself sneaking one bite after another until it was almost gone, and I realized that, actually, I love it. –JB

Bulgogi Fries from Korean restaurant Bok Dok Dok in Point Loma, San Diego

Bulgogi Fries

Bok Bok Dok

The soup dumpling whisperers behind Steamy Piggy opened a new quick-service spot in Point Loma that’s heavy on bulgogi, one of life’s luminous gifts: Korean beef short ribs, marinated in soy and Asian pear and other lovely things. Their riff on carne asada fries isn’t perfect (needs better fries), but with that delicious meat, Asian slaw, and spicy mayo, slight quibbles taste just fine. –TJ

Onigiri from Asian supermarket Zion Market in Convoy District


Zion Market

I refuse to frame it as a confession, because I am not ashamed: Grocery store sushi rules. What other ready-made supermarket item is so delicate yet filling, packed as it is with protein and veg? Though not
a form of sushi, the onigiri at Kearny Mesa Korean grocer Zion Market checks similar boxes, while skirting some of the dry-rice problems that plague pre-prepped rolls. I like to snack on the salmon variety (filled with cooked fish), but there’s tuna, Spam, and chicken, too. –AR

Elote Asado charred street corn from Mexican restaurant City Tacos in Encinitas, San Diego

Elote Asado

City Tacos

If you’re standing still, you’re doing it wrong. At City Tacos’ Encinitas location (they’ve got spots all over the county), grab an elote asado to go and gnaw the sweet charred corn—lacquered in salty Cotija, Tajin, and a lime aioli so beautifully tart it’ll make your eyes water—off the cob on a walk to the beach, like God intended. –AR

Mussels and bread on a plate from Mexican restaurant and wine bar Échale in Encinitas, San Diego



New(ish)comers Échale have taken over the main plaza square of the Encinitas Lumberyard and turned what was a sleepy and underutilized piece of prime real estate into a moody wine bar escape. The mussels are smoky and luscious, bathing in mezcal fennel broth and studded with crumbled chorizo. –SL

NYC Tie Dye Pie from Italian restaurant Village Pizzeria in Coronado, San Diego

NYC Tie Dye Pie

Village Pizzeria

If you’re hangry, sunburnt, and embarrassingly buzzed off of one hard cider in Coronado, you should order the NYC Tye Die Pie from Village Pizzeria. Like the name suggests, this pizza is a mouth-watering Rorschach of mozzarella, pesto, vodka sauce, and red sauce with a perfectly crispy crust that will drive you to eat the entire pie in under seven minutes. –AP

Triple Chocolate Cookie from Hanna’s Creamery & Cafe at UTC Westfield in La Jolla, San Diego

Triple Chocolate Cookie

Hanna’s Creamery & Cafe

I’m still on my quest to find the best chocolate-chip cookie in SD, so the triple-c at Hanna’s in Westfield UTC caught my eye. Kind of a chocolate-topped cookie rather than a proper CC, but with the right whisper of crunch, it proves satisfying. It doesn’t top the list for the city, but it might for the neighborhood. –MH

Eggs Benedict from breakfast diner Harry’s Coffee Shop in La Jolla, San Diego

Eggs Benedict

Harry’s Coffee Shop

Opened in 1960 and deemed La Jolla’s oldest diner, Harry’s Coffee Shop is a quintessential mid-century dining locale every San Diegan should experience. My usual at Harry’s is an eggs Benedict topped with a velvety hollandaise, a side of their crispy, golden hash browns, and a classic cup of Joe. There’s nothing like starting a morning to the tune of bottomless coffee and café chatter in a place brimming with nostalgia. –CN

Beeyoutiful Bowl full of veggies from health restaurant Beeside Balcony in La Jolla, San Diego

Beeyoutiful Bowl

Beeside Balcony

Eating healthy is something I’d rather not do in the winter (I’m in my hibernation era), but sometimes, you gotta get a green in. Thankfully, the new BeeYoutiful Bowl at La Jolla’s Beeside Balcony is delicious and filling with quinoa, red onions, edamame, garbanzo beans, arugula, cucumbers, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, avocado, and lemon vinaigrette. Add chicken, and I’m set for another two weeks. –NM

Chicken Tenders from San Diego burger joint Hodad’s

Chicken Tenders


Everyone crows about the burgers, but it was the tenders that saved me from certain death at Snapdragon Stadium after a slight overindulgence at SDM’s rugby-game Cocktail Kickoff last year (whoops!). Since then, I’ve been a loyal game-day consumer of Hodad’s crispy strips, with
their potato-chip breading and generous side of fries. –AR

Bottle of vermouth from Manuel Acha from wine bar Finca



It’s my deepest-held booze belief that everyone should be drinking vermouth on the rocks. Others in the city agree, and North Park’s brand new Finca is one of the best places in town to sip on a variety of Spanish herbal fortified wines. Don’t skip the sherry list, either. –JB

Salmon and tuna poke bowl from hawaiian restaurant Chris’ Ono Grinds Island Grill in San Diego

Poke Bowl

Chris’ Ono Grinds Island Grill

The fish is fresh and the grinds are good. Chris and his wife, Alexis, came up in the farmers market circuit before going permanent at Liberty Station and in North Park. Real talk, it’s the wasabi aioli that ties this dish together. Pair with a Hawaiian Sun lilikoi soda for the full island effect. –MH

Ah-Boong fish-shaped waffle cone from Asian ice cream shop SomiSomi in Convoy District, San Diego



It’s fun to say, fun to eat, not so fun to find parking for. (The effort is worth it.) SomiSomi, a beloved chain with a Convoy outpost, specializes in ah-boong, fish-shaped waffle cones filled with soft serve and topped with whatever sweet crumbles you like. My son got the ube-matcha swirl, I got cookies n’ cream with milk tea, and we both left happy. –BD

Hot Date Roll from Japanese all-you-can-eat restaurant Little Sakana Sushi Bar in Chula Vista

Hot Date Roll

Little Sakana Sushi Bar

I’ll admit I felt a little fishy about the premise of an all-you-can-eat sushi spot. Those concerns quickly vanished upon visiting Little Sakana in Chula Vista. I love spicy food, so the Hot Date Roll caught my attention: a shrimp tempura base layered with spicy tuna and fresh avocado and topped with salmon, spicy mayo, and sriracha. In an irrational panic, I frantically ordered two more. –CN

Espresso Martini from supper club Lou Lou’s Jungle Room in the new Lafayette Hotel in North Park

Espresso Martini

Lou Lou’s Jungle Room

Vodka and energy drinks have an infamous relationship, what with all the tachycardia and shame that led eventually to Four Loko (an episode of Jackass in a can). But the idea is solid. You’re buzzed yet alert—a yin-and-yang situation. Espresso martinis were the genesis, and there are few better than the one at The LaFayette Hotel’s new supper club. It’s not a caloric tsunami or booze McFlurry, just honest great espresso, spiked right. –TJ


By SDM Staff

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