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Scout Sobel: CEO & Podcast Host

Sobel's agency has created a space for women entrepreneurs, podcasters, and brands to begin telling their stories

By Not a Parenting Podcast

Scout Sobel

Scout Sobel

Scout Sobel is the CEO of Scout’s Agency, the founder of The Emotional Entrepreneur, which is a podcast and bestselling book. She is also the co-host of the popular Okay Sis Podcast. She is a trailblazer in the media industry for utilizing podcasts as a powerful form of PR.

After starting Okay Sis, which focuses on female guests, Scout fell in love with spreading women’s stories and identified the rising popularity and influence of podcasting. She started Scout’s Agency with an emphasis in podcast PR for women entrepreneurs, podcasters, and brands.

In 2.5 years, Scout’s Agency has become the leading agency for getting women as guests on podcasts. Scout has also lived with bipolar disorder for the last 15 years. She was once unable to function in society but after finding entrepreneurship and taking radical responsibility over her emotions, she is now able to live a life of purpose. Her debut book The Emotional Entrepreneur provides the mindset and emotional tools she learned from managing her mental illness that have helped her succeed in business. The Emotional Entrepreneur hit #11 on Amazon for Women in Business and the Top 100 Charts for Entrepreneurship.

Listen to her episode of Not a Parenting Podcast below:

There is no real balance with career and family, but what would you say helps you do your best to achieve it?

Being kind to myself. Having grace. One of the main things pregnancy has taught me is that balance is subjective and that ebb and flow changes with the seasons of your life. As someone who likes to be in control of my days, energy levels, and work output as much as possible, the first trimester taught me that bigger things are at play. We get to surrender to those bigger things—like the importance, magic, and beauty of growing my baby girl—and not shame ourselves for the emotional discomfort we might feel when our routines and daily output shifts. Reminding myself that it is safe to surrender control and that every season is not meant to be a 24/7 output in my career is what helps me ground back into my grounded meaning.

What kind of parent would you call yourself?

I will officially become a parent when my first baby arrives here in November of 2022 but if I had to guess, I think I will be a lot stricter than I had previously anticipated. I like to think of myself as a conscious, patient parent. I will be nurturing with emotional boundaries in place so that my baby girl can firsthand witness healthy, emotional processing and feeling safe within the human experience.

When people ask ‘what do you do for a living,’ what is your response?

I am an entrepreneur (CEO of Scout’s Agency), a podcaster (Okay Sis Podcast & The Emotional Entrepreneur Podcast), and the best-selling author of The Emotional Entrepreneur.

What gives you the motivation to be at the top of your game?

Myself. I want to feel as lit-up, fulfilled, and excited about my life as possible. As someone who struggled with a mental illness for years and years and years, I fight for myself and I fight for my life. I am internally motivated because I have tasted the depths of internal depression. I prefer to choose the fulfilled life and that requires me to be at the top of my game.

What is your favorite part about your home?

My bedroom and my bathtub.

Scout Sobel Book

Scout Sobel Book

What does ‘self-care’ mean to you? How do you try to take care of your body?

Self care means having intentional and mindful moments for yourself. Whether that is meditation, reading a book in bed, taking a bath, getting in a pilates session, journaling, praying, or putting on a face mask, self-care for me is how I take care of myself internally and externally while I am alone. It is also being present during those moments and feeling into my body. It is not passively engaging in those activities but truly dropping in to spend some quality time with me.

How do you address your own mental health?

I address it through radical responsibility. I am responsible for my emotional state, not external factors or outside individuals. I am 100% committed to my mental health because without it, I cannot live within the dance of my dream life.

Does spirituality play a role in your life? If yes, please elaborate.

Oh yes, definitely. I believe that my spiritual practice was the key player in my tool box when it came to healing from bipolar disorder. I have a deep relationship with God (of no religious connotation or affiliation, I personally resonate with God versus The Universe, Spirit, Source, etc). Spirituality is the womb I get to fall into when I am feeling disconnected or riddled with fear. It is a source of support and strength that is available at all times if I so choose to call it in. My spiritual practice and relationship with God illuminates the magic of this lifetime.

I prefer to live within the magic instead of the rationality that our human ego projects. My mental health, my progression at work, my self-confidence, and my creations would not be possible if I didn’t have a spiritual relationship and perspective. It is the thing that keeps my day-to-day aligned. It is the thing that holds me in my darkest moments. It is the thing that reminds me of my soul purpose here on Earth as a human being.

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