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Stephanie Issa & Christine Forsyth: Owners of Lullabar

On this episode of Not a Parenting Podcast, hosts Claire and Alex discuss the need for mothers and caregivers to have access to self-care services

By SDM Staff

Stephanie Issa and Christine Forsyth are the owners of Lullabar in Carlsbad. Both are moms who were inspired to start Lullabar after struggling to find the resources and support they needed when they became parents.

Their concept is a wellness cafe where mothers and caregivers will be able to receive self-care services while the little ones are safely entertained in the play gym. The space allows for parents to enjoy coffee, get a manicure, take a parenting workshop or shop.

On this episode of Not a Parenting Podcast, Stephanie and Christine discuss tips and advice for new parents and share their entrepreneurial journey as friends and moms and believe that every parent deserves a place to feel welcome, supported, and informed. Listen to their episode now and check out their Q&A below:

What makes San Diego such a special place to raise kids for you?

The outdoor lifestyle is really great for young children. I love the sun and it reminds me of my own childhood in Brazil where I spent most of my younger years outside playing in the sand on the beach. I love not having my plans change because of the weather!

What are the greatest joys and challenges of balancing family and a career?

The greatest joy of balancing family and a career is being a role model for my son. I want him to grow up watching me enjoy my work and feel excited about creating something beautiful. I want him to see me work and love what I do. The biggest challenge is trying to plan to expand your family while knowing the work ahead of you will be exhausting and very involved, and the guilt that will eventually come with splitting time.

What part of your job makes you feel the most fulfilled or alive?

When I talk to mothers who follow us online and learn how excited and relieved they are to have such a space open. It’s the excitement that keeps me going, especially on days that I’m feeling insecure or overwhelmed. They honestly keep me going and I feel a great sense of purpose in what we’re building. We have more than 1,200 women on our waiting list so far.

Anything else you would love for our audience to know about you?

That I love going to therapy about daily motherhood dilemmas. I think everyone should be in therapy if they are able to, especially new mothers.

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